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Biodiversity potatoes


“Biodiversity” The variety of life (from a single-celled organism or plant to a mammal) within a defined location or system, from the whole world to…

Lamb, broad bean and mint Pilaf

At Poco we’re well known for our seasonal approach and our delicious and savoury meats but my real passion is the seasonality of vegetables and…
Cavolo nero dip

Cavolo nero and walnut dip

First published in the Guardian – Photographs by Elena heatherwick This is a variation on a pesto recipe that I learnt from a close friend…
Spider crab paella - Tom Hunt

Fish on Friday, Spider Crab Paella

My poly-tunnel and veg patch are now bulging with glorious summer vegetables: bell peppers, aubergines, broad beans, new season beetroot, onions, and garlic. The courgettes…
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